Quaker Oats -- First to Receive a Food-Specific Health Claim

Glass Container of Uncooked Oatmeal

Even Hippocrates understood the fact that the foods we eat are what makes or breaks our health. If we eat the healthiest foods, then we will be healthy in return. Grains are an essential part of our diet because of the high fiber content and the numeral vitamins and minerals they contain. Oats, for example, is a staple that many people need to include in their diet. One of the most well known food manufacturers, Quaker Oats Company, has made a point to be honest in its advertising, including the health benefits that oats provide. Not many companies can say they are brutally honest about the foods they make, but Quaker made it a point to be transparent.

Because of the efforts of the Quaker company to prove the benefits of their main product, the FDA awarded them with the very first, food-specific health claim in January of 1997. The award was based on the health claims provided by the company that were proven by over 37 human, clinical intervention trials. In each trial, it was proven that individuals who consumed oatmeal every day had lower cholesterol levels than individuals who did not.

Quaker Oats Company continues to encourage the FDA to further promote truth in labeling. The goal is to help other companies produce foods that are naturally healthy for consumers. This means developing more efficient ways to produce foods that are naturally sound and offer nutrients that are easier for the body to assimilate. In doing so, labels would be more truthful about what each food contains as well as what the potential benefits for each one may be.


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