Do Detox Cleanses Help You Lose Weight?

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Among the most popular buzzwords in the health word today are "cleanse" and "detox." The actual definitions of these vary greatly depending on the source of the information. For some advocates of cleansing, it will mean giving up solid food completely and drinking only a specific liquid for a number of days. For others, it simply means removing certain types of foods from your diet in order to allow your body to "detox" from harmful elements of those foods. Many sources claim that their cleanse regiment will even help you lose weight. But, is this true and is this drastic method actually beneficial?

Extreme cleanses for the most part have the same side effects of extreme fad diets. It's a stripped-down meal plan with numerous promises attached, but at the end of the day your body is usually getting deprived of necessary proteins, nutrients, and calories. In the case of cleanses that require fasting or only liquids, this can actually be harmful to your body if done for too long. As far as weight loss goes, doing something drastic for a few days may have a temporary result, but it won't help build the lasting results that a healthy and sustainable eating plan will bring.

When people boast of an increase of energy or other benefits they've experienced from cleansing, it is usually simply tied to the fact that they cut out processed foods or excess carbs and sugars in the process of cutting out most foods. But this can be accomplished by steady modifications to your diet, rather than an extreme detox cleanse. As the old saying goes- slow and steady wins the race. Stop in to a Metabolic Research Center and get resources and assistance with building a lifetime of healthy and sustainable weight loss.



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