Coffee Extras Can Add Up Fast

Barista Pouring Cream Into Cup of Coffee

Many people enjoy a hot cup of coffee — or two — as a part of their morning routine. The hot, strong liquid can wake you up, complement your breakfast, or provide a welcome pick me up during your morning at work. Coffee itself will not wreck your diet goals; a cup of black coffee is fat-free and clocks in at only two calories. It's the extras that can wreak havoc with your daily goals.

Are Coffee Extras Part of Your Routine?

Common sense tells you that a drive-thru Starbucks venti mocha latte with extra syrup and whipped cream is not a sound dietary choice. However, what you splash into your morning cup of Joe at home may be doing more damage than you realize. Just a tablespoon of each of the following popular coffee additions add unwanted calories:

  • Heavy cream: 52 calories
  • White table sugar: 49 calories
  • Half and half creamer: 20 calories
  • Fat-free milk: 5 calories

Other options like a flavored, non-dairy commercial creamer may seem like a better choice. The nutrition labels make them seem attractive with each tablespoon clocking in at around 35 calories. These creamers are typically made of water and corn syrup solids, hydrogenated oils, and other forms of sugar. The sugar free options have fewer calories but additional unwanted ingredients. Someone who is embracing a whole foods diet will want to avoid these creamers at all costs.

In general, smart choices at home or your favorite coffee shop can reduce the impact that your morning beverages have on your overall diet. Choosing fat-free milk over cream or a natural sweetener over table sugar is a great choice. Remember, all calories count, even those that you consume in drinks.


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