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Wellness experts encourage people, who are overweight and trying to change, to be compassionate with themselves and allow themselves to go at a rate that is possible to achieve and maintain over the long term. This compassionate-to-self attitude coupled with good choices can add up to positivity that will serve them better than anything else. Beating oneself up for gaining the weight in the first place, or for little setbacks along the way, is not a healthy way to start. And.. always remember that slip ups are NOT a character flaw.

Personal growth doesn't come from a negative mentality. Positive and self-encouraging outlooks are much more effective ways to go about the lifestyle change process. Truth is, in comparison, the actual diet and exercise portions are not the tough part of lifestyle change. Getting one's head in the game, playing the game, and rooting for the home team consistently is the tough part.

How goals are set, and how that impacts outlook is very important. Short term, immediate goals are necessary for motivation. It is great to actually be able to check an accomplishment off a list, and short-term and attainable goals fit that purpose. It doesn't hurt to have a long-term plan, which of course is what lifestyle change is all about, but the short term goals help with motivation, and esteem.

Lifestyle changes, good diet, and a mild exercise regime are not instant and easily attainable. They are actually far more fluid than that, being a process, a skill set. Yoga masters are good people to talk to, although sometimes their skills are rather unfathomable. They will explain that there is really no such thing as a yoga master, but that it is a pursuit that they undertake as a lifelong practice. The gold star at the end of it is...a journey.

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