How Running Compares to Walking

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Exercising is a critical part of a weight loss and weight maintenance plan. Walking and running are two popular forms of aerobic exercise, and both can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness. Which option is the best choice for you if you want to lose weight? Should you start running or begin a good walking routine?

Running Vs. Walking

When it comes to running, you don’t burn many more calories when you run a mile than if you walk it. You’ll burn 110 calories when you run a mile and close to 90 when you walk it. Of course, you’ll run that mile faster than you walk it, so you burn more calories per minute when you run. If you’re pressed for time, running can be a good cardio choice. Both walking and running offer health benefits, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Running: Not for Beginners

Running isn’t a great choice for fitness beginners, especially those who have a lot of weight to lose. It can be tough on joints, particularly for those who are overweight. If you’re just starting to exercise, a good walking plan may be a better option for taking off those unwanted pounds. The key is to make sure you’re expending enough energy when you walk. To enjoy the same benefits as you would when running, you have to expend the same amount of energy, so you’ll need to walk longer than you’d run to get those same effects.

Running Not Your Thing? 

Running and walking both offer some excellent benefits. Just remember, eating right and keeping your body balanced with essential supplements is just as important as working out. And, if you’re not into running, that’s fine. There are plenty of fun, exciting exercise options that can help you improve your health and lose weight.


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