This Holiday Stuff Yourself with Super Foods

Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

When someone mentions the holidays, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? If you’re like some people, you start daydreaming about all of your favorite holiday foods. For instance, you might annually indulge in waistline expanding treats such as holiday cookies, deep fried turkeys, stuffing, and fruit cake. If you always struggle to control your weight during the holiday season, consider trying something decidedly different this year. Instead of eating unhealthy, calorie-laden holiday favorites, enjoy stuffing yourself with the following super foods.

Sweet Potatoes - To avoid gaining weight over the holidays this year, consider swapping traditional white mashed potatoes for sweet potatoes. This delicious, orange super food is packed with health benefiting vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. For a figure friendly version of the sugar filled sweet potato soufflé, top some baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon and toasted walnuts.

Pumpkin - Like sweet potatoes, pumpkin is a great source of vitamin A and fiber. Unfortunately, many people enjoy this super food in the form of pies, breads, and other types of pastries. Healthier ways to utilize this delightful food include using it in: oatmeal, smoothies, soups and chili. 

Turkey - When prepared the right way, turkey is a tremendous source of lean protein. Instead of deep frying your holiday bird this year, roast it in the oven. Choose turkey breast rather than a whole turkey. And, don’t forget to remove the skin. Besides providing you with a dose of good protein, turkey also contains tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that aids in your body’s production of niacin. Niacin helps your body make serotonin. Serotonin works to calm you and help you achieve that restful, holiday nap you may always look forward to taking. 

Cranberries - Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory elements. Eating these tart berries is believed to help protect your brain from succumbing to memory loss as you age. Avoid the congealed variety of canned cranberry products on your supermarket’s shelves. Opt for fresh berries instead. 

Fighting the temptation to fill up on weight-increasing, unhealthy foods during the holidays is certainly challenging. However, it’s not impossible. As you plan your large holiday feasts this year, be sure to stock up on the aforementioned super foods. Your waistline will thank you later.



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