How to Prepare Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Foods

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Although preparing healthy meals for your menu plan begins at the grocery store, it shouldn't end there. When you cook meals at home, you can easily prepare and present dishes in ways that are better for your health and wellness. Plus, healthy cooking methods can allow you to capture the true flavor while retaining more of the nutrients and without adding excessive amounts of salt or fat. Some preparation choices and cooking techniques to try include:

Low-Fat Cooking

Instead of frying foods, which can add fat calories unnecessarily, consider cooking techniques that use small amounts of oil. This can include using the microwave, broiler, grill, steamer or oven for roasting, broiling, baking, poaching, sauteing or steaming.  

Low-Salt Cooking

Dried herbs, vinegar, hot peppers or zest are wonderful flavor enhancers and can add extra bite to your favorite dishes without increasing the sodium or sugar content. With creative seasoning you can add, not detract, from your recipe. Just remember, when you aiming to add a burst of flavor, a small amount can go a long way.

Recipe Adjusting

Every cook has their book of favorite recipes. Rather than banning dishes you love, make losing weight less painful by finding better ways to prepare and serve those foods. This may take a little experimenting but reducing fat, salt and sugars will be well worth it.

There are plenty of alternative ways to cook up flavorful food that retains the nutritional value while supporting a weight loss plan to restore your optimal health. Since heat can break down some of the vitamins and other nutrients in vegetables, try to use those for your raw meals. Conversely, other foods actually benefit from cooking as heat facilitates the release of antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. To learn more, call the Metabolic Research Center for a free weight loss consultation.


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