Don't Let Several Servings Become One Portion

Multiple Servings of Food

The debate over serving size and portion size will continue forever until someone finds a way to make them both mean the same thing. A serving size is an exact amount determined by the FDA to be a healthy "portion" that provides sufficient nutrients in relation to calories. A portion size can mean anything from a large spoonful to a full cup. The size of the portion can mean anything you want it to. And this is where the problem begins when it comes to weight loss.

While people have been consuming their own customized portions for years, during a weight loss program, they must reduce those portions to more acceptable sizes. This can be difficult to do and can be a major factor in how well they succeed when it comes to the diet aspect of their weight management. There are several ways to go about handling this dilemma, you just have to be smarter than the food.

The first step is realizing just what your portion size is compared to that which is recommended. Put a regular portion on your plate and then measure out what a serving size is. Divide up the remaining portion into smaller serving sizes and then set them aside or put them in the refrigerator. Instead of eating the entire portion all at once, eat the first serving and then wait for awhile before you go get another one.

Why are you doing this? The longer it takes you to consume your food, the more likely it will be that you will feel full faster. After a while the size of the portion you need to feel satisfied will become smaller and smaller, allowing you to actually enjoy your favorite foods and still lose weight.


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