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People often assume that going on a diet means bland, tasteless foods. It is a misconception that is constantly being fueled by companies who want people to buy their weight loss meals and supplements. The fact is, there are many herbs, spices and seasonings that actually increase energy and burn fat to ensure fast and efficient weight loss. Learning how to properly season your food has many benefits. Not only do some spices and seasonings increase energy levels, they also can satisfy hunger and help prevent overeating.

Spices That Act As Fat Burners

Cayenne, cinnamon, black pepper, mustard and cumin are just a few of the more popular spices that are considered to be top fat burners. Several herbs and spices also have anti-inflammatory properties that help flush excess water from the body allowing the other herbs to act more efficiently. Less inflammation means less pain and discomfort. It also means the body, as a whole, functions more efficiently. Inflammation can be found anywhere in the body, even in areas we may not realize such as the intestines and lungs. By eliminating inflammation through the use of spices, many organs become more efficient in the tasks they perform.

Seasonings That Act As Energy Boosters

Ginger, cayenne, black pepper and white pepper are also extremely efficient energy boosters. Not only do they promote more efficient calorie usage, they improve the lungs' ability to take in oxygen. The more oxygen the body has, the better able it is to function efficiently, burning calories and shedding pounds. As weight loss continues, the body begins to use the excess energy to improve the immune, cardiovascular and circulatory systems.



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