Finding Health: Is Himalayan Salt a Better Option

Bowl of Himalayan Salt

Walk down the spice aisle at the grocery store and you find table salt, sea salt, kosher salt, non-iodized salt, and some pink stuff in a bottle called Himalayan Crystals — eh it's salt. So which salt is better for you?

Health wise, none of it is good for you. Sure, we need a little bit of salt in our body to help systems function, but the modern diet contains far too much salt, and the result is disease — Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension, heart disease — the list is long.

Is Salt Like a Drug?

We know from studying addicts is that when people ingest chemicals — heroin, cocaine, etc. — that those chemicals change how our brain and body function. Drugs — chemicals — cause the brain to stop producing natural endorphins and when an addict stops using drugs their body must learn to make those chemicals again and that process is slow. It is the same with salt, although the effects are different.

Our body learns to taste salt and then you need more salt to taste food. Pretty soon you are eating way too much salt and eventually something gives out such as an artery and well then you have real problems.

Is Himalayan Salt Better for You?

Is Himalayan salt a better option? No, not really. It does contain less sodium chloride — about 94 percent as compared to table salt. It also contains other minerals, but not in significant amounts that tip the scales to prevent disease. Still, it leads you down the same path as table sale.

Test the Hypothesis

The deal with salt is that your body doesn't need it. If you want health, put down the salt. Foods already contain natural salts. Challenge yourself to prove this. Give up eating packaged foods and excess table salt for two weeks. Then eat a bag of potato chips. The amount of salt in that small bag of chips will cause your mouth to burn. A few hours later you will be so thirsty that you will happily drink your allotment of water for the day. Your lips will start to wrinkle as your body pulls water from other sources to deal with the salt in those chips. Mmm.. those are good for you — Not.

Giving up salt or regulating how much salt you consume is a healthy step forward in the quest to find better health. For more information about healthy foods, visit the Metabolic Research Center where food not only tastes good, it promotes a healthier you.


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