Winterized Weight Loss

Woman Exercising Outside During Winter

The human body is a remarkable creation. It has no problem storing fat, but seems to have a hard time getting rid of it. That might be because we don't understand the need for fat and why our body stores fat so easily. Fat is stored energy and your body uses that energy to power its' cells. It also uses energy just like your furnace does to help keep you warm. Getting a little cold in winter can actually help your body burn more fat. While that's all good, there is no need to be uncomfortable. The key is where you exercise and how. Here is how this works.

Burning Brown Fat

When you exercise your body produces heat thanks to the function of muscle cells. If you are jogging outside rather than walking on a treadmill indoors, you tend to burn more calories when the weather is cold. The reason is that your body is trying to stay warm and it is burning fat to do so. Your body has more than one type of fat. We have the white or yellow fat but we also have a brown fat that is called Brown Adipose Tissue. It is this fat that your body burns to stay warm. It also wants to replace this fat quickly so it robs from your diet to produce brown fat. What that means for those of us who want to lose weight is that our body has to rely more heavily on the lighter white fat deposits for energy.

How to Lose Fat Faster in the Cold

Swimming is a great way to trick the body into burning brown fat. Water is a natural heat sink meaning that it takes more heat to warm water than it does air. So your body does not get warm quickly when your swim. Instead, it burns both white fat to produce energy for swimming and brown fat to keep you warm. Another great example of how to use winter to your advantage is working outside. You'll be getting a lot done and colder air will cause an increase in the burn. So, shovel snow off the sidewalk or take your dog for a walk. This winter think of the cold weather as your weight loss partner.

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