USDA Launches My Plate, My Wins Challenge Online

USDA Launches

Change is hard; small changes can make a difference. That's the message of the US Department of Agriculture, which has just launched their My Plate, My Wins Challenge in honor of National Nutrition Month. At the Metabolic Research Center, we applaud the idea of eating real food and making small changes with big health benefits.

Overweight and obesity have real health effects. Preventable, diet-related diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes affect nearly half of all Americans. The idea behind the My Plate Challenge is to make small changes in eating patterns and activity. Losing even five percent of your excess weight can make a difference. If you weigh 200 pounds, five percent of that is only 10 pounds. The USDA calls these small changes My Wins.

To participate, you eat two foods from each of the MyPlate food groups twice a day and increase your activity to twice a day for two days. MyPlate foods include fruit, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy. Fill at least half of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, and walk for 15 minutes twice a day — there you go, small changes that can have big effects. Once you've started, you can keep up the momentum by repeating these activities every day.

You can form a team or challenge people online by creating a SuperTracker group. Your SuperTracker group can be a source of support and supply some friendly competition that can help you all get healthy. You can creates a SuperTracker group challenge and invite others to join online. Learn more by watching this YouTube video. For even more benefits, contact us at Metabolic Research Center. We've been helping people lose weight for over 25 years, so we can teach you how to lose weight and get healthier while eating real food. Start small, get smaller and reap big benefits!


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