Don't Assume -- Check the Label for Ingredients

FDA Nutrition Labels

Advertising gurus are onto your weight loss goals and the truth is, they know how to wrap your appetite around their little finger. While food labeling standards have improved over the years, still many labeling laws that exist contain loopholes that allow food advertisers much leeway in how they advertise "low calorie" and "light" foods.

Consider buying a house- the seller stages the home to look beautiful with furnishings to help pull you in. While you're being wowed by the esthetic of the new sink fixtures, you're less likely to notice a leaky faucet and bad plumbing unless you look a little deeper.

Want to keep those weight loss goals moving forward- dig deeper for ingredients facts. How to understand food labeling to keep healthy eating on track:

1. If you are choosing packaged foods labeled "low calorie" the question is, where are the actual calories being derived from and are they nutrient dense? If you choose a low calorie food with empty calories that contains high levels of sugar or artificial sweetener, you will likely find yourself hungrier faster and reaching for more food sooner.

2. No sugar added. No sugar may have been added, but natural sugar may still exist. Be sure the amount is not excessive.

3. Beware of the word light. Light does not necessarily denote lighter calories, it could relate to taste. Be sure to read the full ingredient list. Watch for "lightly sweetened" too.

4. Organic. Organic food is generally healthy, but a product labeled "made with organic ingredients" may not be. Only 70 % of ingredients must be, so check the label.

Metabolic Research Center has been helping clients for over 25 years. We want to help take the guess work out of food labels to lead you in the direction of healthy food for your healthiest self!


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