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Man's Fist

Dieting is hard work. Some diets require you to count points using complicated portioning, or track every single calorie you take in and then burn off. Using the fist diet, you can more easily determine what to eat and how much to eat at every single meal. Instead of getting frustrated with your lack of weight loss progress, shake your fist at your diet and start losing now.

Why Portion Size Matters

Have you ever been at a restaurant and been served a portion of food that could feed your whole family, instead of just you? Or walked through the bakery section of your store and encountered muffins the size of your head or bagels and rolls as big as Frisbees? Everywhere you look, offered portions are enormous and only growing larger over time. It's no wonder people are gaining weight like crazy, with every portion of food consumed larger than the last. Portion size matters – you can't lose weight if you continue to eat huge servings at every meal.

How the Fist Diet Helps

You've probably read that you need a variety of measuring cups, measuring spoons and a good kitchen scale so you can succeed at your diet. Well – maybe not. Instead, it all comes down to the size of your fist. Make a fist right now and look at it. Everyone's fist is a slightly different size, but your fist is proportionately sized to the food your body needs. To use the fist diet, follow these five rules of thumb and you'll be well on your way to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

  1. Use your hands to measure the amount of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fat at each meal.
  2. As you serve food, start by giving yourself a helping of protein equal in size to one fist.
  3. Next comes carbohydrates – you can have one fistful of carbs with your meal.
  4. Vegetables are very important. Include two fist-sized portions of veggies on your plate.
  5. Fats are inevitable, but instead of fists, use the size of two of your fingers to see the upper limit of how much fat to consume during a meal.

Your fist is with you no matter where you go, which is what makes this "diet" so effective. You can use this method to portion out food at your workplace, in restaurants and at social events, taking the guesswork out of how much you eat.


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