Has Your Weight Loss Plan Stalled?

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Have you been losing weight and then suddenly your weight loss stops even though you are continuing to watch your diet and exercise? That is a common complaint from dieters and the reason why many diets fail. If this is you, it is not that you have done anything wrong, it is just that you have hit a plateau. In this what-happened-to-my-momentum blog, we explain what a plateau is and how to overcome it.

What is a plateau?

A plateau is a flat area on a mountain. In weight loss, that flat area is where something happens that many of us don't get. Weight lose is a simple equation. The number of calories you eat subtracted by number of calories you burn equals either weight gain or weight loss. If you are supposed to eat 2,200 calories per day but are eating more than 2,200 calories and not exercising then you are gaining weight. If you are supposed to eat 2,200 calories per day and you eat less than 2,200 calories per day, plus you are exercising, then you are losing weight. That plateau is simply where you are eating and exercising at the right amount to maintain your current body weight. Something needs to change.

Getting Weight Loss Started Again

You have three options when your weight loss regime hits a plateau. One, you can eat less. Two, you can exercise more, and three you can do both. It is kind of tricky when it comes to reducing calories, because your body needs nutrients. So rather than just diet, try eating smarter. Smarter eating is not about restricting how much you eat, but what types of foods you eat. Some foods are low in calories so you can eat more of them. Some foods are high in calories so you should eat less of them.

Simple foods like whole grains make better choices than boxed foods that are full of processed foods, salt, sugars, and fats. Rather than have a boxed rice dinner, make brown rice instead. Instead of having a prime cut of beef, eat skinless chicken breasts. Put down the cheese, butter, mayo, and other foods that are high in fats and sugars, and this means carbs too.

Exercise More

If you walk everyday for 30 minutes then up your walking routine to 45 minutes every other time you walk. That little bit of extra exercise makes a big differences in keeping your weight loss moving in the downward direction.

So when your weight loss progress begins to plateau remember that it is within your power to keep it moving. By eating healthier foods, exercising more or a combination of both of these you can keep your weight loss positive. For more information about how food effects weight loss and how exercise improves weight loss just visit the Metabolic Research Center where lifestyle changes occur every day. What you will find there is a supportive environment, literature on nutrition and exercise, and a whole library full of healthy menus.


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