Controls That Can Help with Weight Loss

Portion Control Puzzle Pieces

People who are trying to lose weight are constantly being reminded about what is available through television and radio ads. Every few minutes, a commercial airs displaying everyone's favorite fast foods. It can be extremely hard to avoid food cravings when all you see on television are fast food advertisements. While it's hard to control what is on television and the radio, you can control what is in your own personal environment.

Clean Up the Junk

A clean home, especially the kitchen will help you feel better about yourself and may decrease your cravings for food. Don't let snacks or any other type of food sit out where you can constantly see it. Getting rid of the clutter in the kitchen will make it easier to prepare wholesome meals with natural ingredients and keeping junk foods out of the pantry and off the counter will remove much of the temptation you feel whenever you enter the kitchen.

Smaller Plates, Smaller Portions

It is easy to trick the mind into thinking you are eating normal size portions if you use smaller plates and saucers at mealtime. Smaller plates make the portions look bigger, even though they are smaller than the regular size portions you normally eat. You are tricking your mind into believing that you are eating just like you have in the past, even though you are cutting your intake by a large percentage.

Allow Healthy Foods to Take Center Stage

Replace unhealthy foods with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean cuts of meat. Eliminating the foods that are bad for you and focusing on healthier foods will give you the advantage when it comes to losing weight and improving your health. Change your diet and you will gradually change your lifestyle.


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