How Fight-or-Flight Impacts Weight Loss

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Eating a healthy diet and exercising is important. However, you can’t forget to think about your hormones. The hormone levels in the body can either work against your efforts or give your efforts a boost. Here’s a closer look at insulin. It’s an important hormone that has a huge effect on weight loss or gain.

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas and it’s responsible for helping the body to use sugar as energy. You may know it for its role in keeping blood sugar levels controlled. While all the cells of the body use sugar for energy, sugar isn’t able to enter more cells directly, which is where insulin enters the picture. Insulin attaches to cells, signaling them to absorb the sugar that’s in your bloodstream.

Insulin and Energy Use/Storage

Insulin also plays a part in the body’s usage and storage of energy. Your body is always trying to prepare for a time when you may not have food. While famine was an issue for our ancestors in the past, it’s not a regular problem that most people face today.

Uncontrolled Stress

When you deal with uncontrolled stress, sometimes the “fight or flight” hormones in the body are triggered. This results in a drastic rise in the levels of sugar in the blood. Whenever there’s excess glucose in your blood stream, insulin works to store sugars as fat so it can be used later. 

The problem – if your body is storing that sugar as fat, it makes it difficult to take off those extra pounds. It’s even tougher to lose weight if your insulin levels are not balanced. unWhat can you do to keep insulin levels balanced? Make sure you’re getting enough exercise. It’s also important to control your stress levels to keep your body from storing glucose as fat. With these tips, you’ll improve your overall health and give your weight loss efforts a boost.


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