Unless It's Silken... Squeeze Before Using

Man Eating Tofu

Tofu is an excellent source of vegetarian protein. While it will never take the place of bacon or fish, tofu does offer an abundance of fats and cholesterol contained in meat based proteins. It also has fewer calories. In fact, a half cup of this protein rich, cheese like food has only 94 calories and can be used in a variety of different dishes, including casseroles, salads and pasta dishes. Silken forms of tofu already have the water removed and are ready for use in recipes.

Silken tofu has the consistency of custard and is very easy to incorporate into various foods. Pressing tofu and removing the water, creates a smoother texture that is easier to use. Regular tofu can be used in most recipes, but you must make sure the water is removed first. Remove the tofu from the package and place it on a paper towel. Place a paper towel on top to soak up the moisture. Using a plate, press down on the tofu to expel all of the excess liquid.

Tofu can be cut, sliced or chopped and is easily fried or grilled. In its raw form, it works well in salads and as a topping for various dishes. Tofu also has an abundance of iron and calcium that helps to support and strengthen the cardiovascular system. The health benefits remain whether tofu is used in its raw form or whether it is cooked. Because of tofu's richness in calcium, it is an ideal food for people who have osteoarthritis and need to strengthen their bones. Tofu's abundance of nutrients can also help to control blood sugar and regulate insulin levels in diabetics.


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