High Five for Hemp Milk the Next Superfood

Non-THC Hemp Seeds

So in the great search for superfoods, where does hemp seed fit in?  Not that far off of flax seed, and easier to fit into a daily diet.  Hemp seed has run the gambit of legality and controversy, but it has taken hold in health food circles because of its high omega-3 content, as well as its fiber.  Combine that with its high calcium content, its high phosphorous content, and its high quality proteins, and hemp seed is indeed in the running as a superfood. 

Hemp milk is THC free and made from industrial hemp, a variety that is not grown for medicinal use, but instead for applications such as rope.  It is still not legally grown in the US, but instead, is imported from Canadian growers. 

As hemp seed is a seed as opposed to a nut, it avoids the tree nut allergy pitfall as well.  Hemp seed is used in quite a few different applications, many of which mimic the use of almonds or similar nuts.  It is no surprise to find “hemp milk” in the list, and most popular among the uses of hemp seed.  Hemp milk is made in a similar fashion to almond milk, being ground and mixed with water to produce a milky fluid, and then strained.  Its pleasant flavor, non-dairy nature, lack of cholesterol, and nutritional punch have made hemp milk the leading hemp seed product in the US, and its appeal and availability is rapidly growing.

Hemp milk is available in cartons, does not have to be refrigerated until it is opened, and comes in plain, vanilla, and chocolate flavors.  It can be used in many of the same ways that one might use milk.  Coffee, cereal, salad dressing, even hemp ice cream can be made from hemp milk.  


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