Food Adventures: Reap the Benefits of a Lifestyle Change

Healthy Edamame Dish with Beans

Lifestyle change is a sensual experience, believe it or not.  It is not about sacrifice, but about change.  It  is about thinking outside of the box, and leaving old thoughtless habits behind.  It is about exploring possibilities, and listening to one's body.

It's about being more connected with the real world, and real life, and real priorities.  The value of lifestyle change over diet is reflected in the world in so many ways.  The success of cooking networks and DIY channels, the resurgence of the eat local and seasonal movement, and the slow food movement, and the drop in market share for the cola companies all reflect the need to find real value in food and life. 

The food industry in general does not support this, which often means that convenience is something that loses out.  However, it is often the case that convenience is an illusion, and not an accurate reflection of how convenient “convenience foods” really are.

Taking the time to sense and “make-sense” of the world is key to real lifestyle changes.  This doesn't mean that all the necessary things that are on the daily to-do list will suffer.  It does mean that thoughtless behaviors need to be examined, days need to be planned, and priorities need regular examining.


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