Cool Down Before You Stop Exercising

Stretching in Grass

Exercise, when coupled with a healthy diet, can enable you to lose weight faster than would have otherwise been possible. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes people make when they start exercising that can either lead to injury or discouragement that causes people to stop exercising altogether. One of these mistakes is stopping a workout without cooling down first.

It is not uncommon to experience joint and/or muscle pain after working out. This can be caused by an overly intense workout regimen; it also tends to happen when you haven't exercised in a long time. Stopping your exercise and "taking a break" will actually make the pain worse as your muscles become stiff. If you feel discomfort while exercising, slow down, take a relaxing walk around the neighborhood or do some stretches. You'll feel better in a few minutes and can either continue you workout routine or stop for the day.

If you feel dizzy after an exercise routine, it is a warning signal that you need to cool down for at least a few minutes. Lactic acid and other toxins tend to build up when you exercise vigorously and then stop abruptly. Blood tends to pool in the leg muscles, leaving you feeling lightheaded and weak. Take a few minutes to walk in place, stretch or do some other slow, safe exercises until you feel better.

If you experience intense, ongoing pain when you exercise, stop and talk to a doctor. You may be doing the exercises wrong, exercising for too long or have a health condition that is causing discomfort while you exercise. At the same time, never underestimate the power of a short "cool down" session. Cooling down after exercising helps your body get back to its normal routine with little or no discomfort.



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