Three Vegetable Soups that are Rich in Probiotics

Okroshka Vegetable Soup

Probiotics are essentially live, healthy bacteria that help to keep your digestive system working properly. Studies have also shown that probiotics help prevent allergies and colds, benefit oral health and are good for skin conditions such as eczema.

While yogurt is the most common source of probiotics, it is far from being the only one. Following are some fresh vegetable soups that have plenty of probiotics as well as other valuable nutrients.



Okroshka is a vegetable soup that is commonly made in Eastern Europe. Ingredients used as kefir milk, radishes, cucumbers, spring onions, herbs and sour cream. These are boiled in pork or beef stock and the soup is then refrigerated and served cold. Kefir milk provides the probiotics in this soup and offers up to thirty strains of bacteria and yeasts.

Miso Soup

Soy is not only rich in probiotics but is also a great low-fat protein option for those who want to lose weight. Miso soup is a Japanese dish that is made by boiling tofu (which is made from soy) and vegetables. The broth is then served piping hot.

Cold Borscht Soup

Cold borscht is a Lithuanian variation of borscht. It is made by blending beet juice with sour cream, buttermilk soured milk, kefir and/or yogurt. The finished product is then refrigerated and served cold. It is not uncommon for this type of borscht to be served over chopped beets, cucumbers, green onions or radishes.

While traditional vegetable soups are rich in nutrients, adding probiotics to a soup greatly increases its nutritional value. Probiotics are important to the body and eating probiotic rich food every so often will help your digestive system stay healthy and in good working order.


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