No One Menu Plan Fits All

Dietitian Creating Menu Plan

Commercial diets are designed to ensure weight loss. Some people will see amazing results, while others only lose a few pounds. Because each person is unique in their metabolic makeup, body chemistry and nutritional needs, a specific diet may work differently in each person who tries it. Most people look to a generalized diet plan in the hopes that it will succeed where others have failed, but it doesn't always work that way.

Know Your Nutritional Needs

It is important to know your own personal nutritional needs. Individuals with diabetes or other chronic illnesses will need more nutritional value with less calories. Those who are generally healthy will require a more balanced regimen of calories and nutrients because they are generally more active and burn more calories just to fuel their everyday routine. The same is true for calorie intake. One person may need 1,200 calories per day, while another may function nicely on 1,000.

You need to learn what foods are best for you. Certain people require more proteins, while others need more carbohydrates. Others need both to be more evenly balanced. Your level of activity, general heath and daily stress will determine what type of nutrients are needed to help you lose weight and keep it off. Individuals who need higher levels of protein will not lose weight on a diet that contains mostly carbohydrates and vice versa.

Understand Your Metabolism

A person's physiological makeup determines their metabolism. Specific hormones produced in the body affect metabolism. Insulin, thyroid hormones and reproductive hormones like estrogen and testosterone, trigger metabolic responses throughout the body. These responses control energy levels, digestion rates, issues with reproductive functions and fluctuations in weight. Diets that do not take these special factors into consideration normally work only for a select few individuals. For a diet to be effective, a qualified health professional needs to assess your metabolic needs and create a menu plan that accounts for your special nutritional requirements.


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