Is Seaweed Really Healthier Than Kale?

Dulse Seaweed

Occasionally, researchers stumble across something amazing, and recently Oregon State University researched stumbled across a super veggie that’s not only healthier than kale – it tastes like bacon! The University just patented a sustainable strain of a type of seaweed known as dulse, and it’s a great addition to your menu plan if you’re trying to eat healthy. 

It’s Really Nothing New

Dulse seaweed is a type of kelp, it’s part of the brown algae family, and it’s packed with essential nutrients. Kelp is already a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, with kelp forests grown in many of the ocean’s cool, shallow waters. The great news – red dulse may be packed with twice the nutrients of kale.

Actually, red dulse isn’t new. It’s been used for centuries in Scandinavian countries. However, since this tasty, healthy seaweed has a high market price, it hasn’t been easily affordable for most people. However, since the OSU researchers have found an affordable way to grow red dulse, this plant can grow rapidly, only needing sunshine and saltwater to grow. Originally, the researchers were trying to find a way to make red dulse grow faster to feed the abalone they were studying, but this turns out great for people who want an affordable superfood.

Beyond The Great Bacon Flavor

It’s great that this healthy food tastes like bacon, but there’s so much more to it. It’s also a great source of important minerals and vitamins, and it offers great protein too. Since no fertilizers are required to grow it, it has a low environmental impact too.

Red dulse is often sun-dried, since this preserves the nutrients it contains. Simply chow down on this healthy snack and enjoy a little crunch and that great bacon flavor. You can find it at health food markets and online retailers, and it’s also a great addition to soups and salads.


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