Do Food Manufacturers Want You Coming Back for More?




There are many types of processed foods but the fact remains that there is no such thing as a healthy processed food. Processed food is typically made with a mix of chemicals to ensure that the food tastes good and has a long shelf life. Furthermore, food manufacturers routinely add addictive ingredients so that you keep coming back for more. Yet another problem with processed food is that you don't usually feel full once you're done eating. This leads many people to eat more than they should, resulting in obesity and other diet-related health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels and heart disease.

Thankfully, you can avoid the many health issues caused by processed foods by simply refusing to buy them. Purchase lean meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and whole grain foods and make your own meals at home as much as possible. Instead of reaching for an unhealthy snack at home or the workplace, go for a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or a container of low-fat natural yogurt. Healthy foods contain fiber which leaves you feeling satisfied after eating a reasonable portion of food. They also contain the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need to stay healthy, fit and energetic as you go about your day.

Make it easy to stick to a healthy diet by purchasing healthy foods and preparing them in advance. You can cook multiple meals at a time and store extra portions in the refrigerator or freezer. Get rid of junk food snacks and place healthy snacks in easily accessible locations. Make a commitment to avoid processed foods as much as possible and in time you will notice a difference in your waistline and overall health.


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