You Can't Eat While You Are Asleep

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You may have heard of many fad diets — the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet — but have you heard of the Sleep Diet? Every fad diet has to have a hook to get people interested and what better hook than sleep? Essentially a fad diet takes one aspect of a healthy lifestyle such as sleep, fruits, or vegetables, and exploits it to the point where all balance is lost. As with everything, we recommend that you strive for a balanced lifestyle and diet.

What Effect Does Sleep Have on Weight Loss?

Recent studies by Harvard University have shown that people who sleep less than six hours each night tended to gain weight. Sleep, especially too little of it, can have an adverse effect on your weight. High-fat, sugary foods tend to be more appealing to us when we are exhausted. Sleep regulates important chemicals in the brain that regulate appetite and hunger. In addition, people who stay up late at night tend to consume more calories each day. Essentially more awake time equals more time available for food consumption.

So, it would seem that a Sleep Diet would be ideal. After all, it is physically true that you cannot eat while you are asleep! Unfortunately, it is not as simple as you would think. The studies have also shown that too much sleep, generally more than eight hours a night, can have an adverse effect on weight as well as too little sleep can.

For most adults, seven to eight hours of sleep each night offers the optimal benefits in regards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Combined with a balanced diet packed with healthy, whole foods, a normal night's sleep allows individuals to best manage their weight and reach their goals.


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