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A while back, there was the phrase "No Pain, No Gain" and it represented a time in weight loss when losing fat was equated to how many calories one could burn in a day. Weight loss does not have to be like this and for long-term, sustainable weight loss; it shouldn't involve pain or extremes.

Weight Loss vs. Dieting

Dieting is an unsustainable method of losing "water" weight in a short period of time. It often leaves you hanging because "diets," such as the starvation diet, are not sustainable over the long haul.

Healthy, long-term weight loss is not about dieting. It is about making lifestyle changes that help your body drop stored fat, build strong muscle, and improve your body's health index.

The two terms are quite different. The first is all about "no pain, no gain" while the second is highly manageable and does away with the "pain" but not the "gain." In terms of having fun while losing weight, there is only one, choice - healthy, long-term weight loss.

Having Fun Losing Weight

Much of making a lifestyle change is about taking charge of your own life. It is about making a strategy (setting goals,) and then working towards implementing the plan and then achieving those goals. This is not about stepping on the scale to see if you lost a pound. It is about monitoring results and making adjustments to your strategy so that you drive your own success. That is empowerment. So how do you have fun losing weight? Let's explore.

Controlling Weight Loss

One of the reasons that diets fail is the pressure from outside sources. You go to work and it's someone's birthday, so all around the office is cake, ice cream, etc. No worry. Instead of being faced with only cake and ice cream, take the initiative to bring a fruit platter. You can indulge in fruit and still celebrate. You might even get away with a small piece of cake. Remember that a lifestyle choice is not a diet; you have fun and still meet your goals.

Find a Balance

There are plenty of food choices that won't limit how much you eat. Salads, soups, and veggies are all good for you, good for weight loss, and readily available. If you make healthy food choices, you are not hungry and these types of foods help keep your blood sugar at an even level. If you decide to have a piece of cake, then balance it out with a low-calorie lunch with a long-acting carb such as brown rice. The cake is a short energy carb and it will burn up quickly leaving you hungry, sleepy, and craving snacks. The balance is the brown rice, which adds energy to your routine without the sugar crash.

Little Steps Equal Big Results

Healthy, long-term weight loss is a slow process. Begin your quest by taking little steps and setting little goals such as:

  • Adjusting portion size downwards until you hit the right amount of food for your goals.
  • Slowly change what you eat by increasing salad and soup portions and removing foods that are high in sugar and fat.
  • Swap out bad carbs such as bread and processed grains for healthy carbs, such as brown rice, beans, and fruit.
  • Make a little mantra that reminds you of your goal. I can lose weight, I can eat healthy, I can do this, etc. Doing so helps overcome the temptation of eating foods that could disrupt your goals.

As you can see, there is no reason to suffer during weight loss. In fact, the process can be very natural and easy. A key resource is the Metabolic Research Center, which offers a ton of free tools such as a library of awesome recipes. They are also a place to look deeper into the causes of weight gain such as hormonal imbalance and genetic issues that make it difficult to lose weight. They even offer a free consultation so that individuals can understand the challenges they face in losing weight and gaining health. If you are ready to ease into a healthy life, then let's get started!


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