Great Winter Spices for Holiday Meals


Successful weight loss involves taking little steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Now that the weather is turning colder and the holidays are nearly here, it’s a great time to start using your favorite winter spices. In-season spices not only add great flavor to winter dishes, but they also offer some excellent health benefits that can support your weight loss efforts and healthy lifestyle.


Cloves are very potent spices that have anti-inflammatory, anti-lipid, and anti-cholesteremic properties. They can help individuals with metabolic syndrome, they help the body better burn fat, and they can even improve insulin function. Add cloves to soups, desserts, or to roasted meats for extra flavor.


Cinnamon is well known for helping to control blood sugar levels, and it may aid in boosting metabolism as well. It boasts anti-inflammatory properties and has a woody, sweet taste that adds flavor to many dishes. Add it to favorite desserts or use it in a hot winter drink.


Nutmeg has a sweet, strong, pungent taste that is great on sweet or savory dishes. Nutmeg can help detox your kidneys and liver, it can offer relief from indigestion, and it can even help you enjoy healthier skin. Add it to white or red meats, sprinkle on veggies, or add to eggnog, tea, or coffee.


Ginger is packed with nutrients and offers powerful benefits for the brain and body. It’s great for reducing nausea, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, and it can even help lower blood sugar. Ginger’s delightful flavor is great in roasted veggies, in desserts, or as an addition to sweet potato or carrot soups.

Winter spices offer a wonderful way to boost the flavor in holiday and winter favorites while keeping calories and fat low. Try adding these delicious spices to your meals this holiday season. Look for great recipes using spices by visiting the Metabolic Research Center’s website.


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