Good Calories versus Bad Calories

Good Calories vs Bad Calories

Good Calories versus Bad Calories

Are there foods that contain both good and bad calories? The simple answer is yes. The not-so-simple answer is maybe. Calories are a measurement of energy and how our body interacts with the food that we take into it. That is a deep thought, so let me explain. When we eat food, our body digests it, and it strips out the nutrients that it can use and discards the waste. The easiest thing for our body to absorb is sugars and fats because those are energy sources. It also absorbs proteins and amino acids, which it later uses to rebuild protein.

Bad Calories

Have you ever wondered why our body is warm? The warmth comes in part because our body is busy breaking down the bonds between chemicals and elements. That is how we process foods. When we eat bad calories, they affect our body in a negative way. Energy is measured in terms of endurance. Some forms of energy burn longer while others are gone in a flash.

Consider what happens if you drop a match into a small puddle of gasoline. There is a flash, and the resulting fire burns for a few seconds and then it is gone. That is the epitome of what happens when we consume bad calories. Our body uses the energy quickly and signals our brain that we need more energy, which prompts our stomach to want food. That process leads to overeating.

Good Calories

Good calories are akin to a fire in our fireplace. The wood burns slowly and produces much heat over a longer period of time. That is how our body uses good calories. It processes the food and burns the energy for a long while. Because it does not need more energy, our brain does not tell our stomach that we are starving. As a result, we eat less and maintain a healthy body weight.

Those descriptions are a bit simple, but they are accurate. There are certain foods that burn longer in our body. An apple is one such food. When compared to a candy bar, the apple is the fire in the wood stove, and the candy bar is the gasoline.

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