It's Time to Change Your Taste in Food

Fresh Produce at a Farmers Market

Eating habits are developed early in life. For instance, your mom might have given you cookies and milk before bedtime when you were a kid. Although you’re an adult with children of your own, you may still enjoy this same bedtime ritual today. If you’ve struggled to lose weight and keep it off for as long as you can remember, years of unhealthy eating habits might be to blame. To reach your goal weight and control your cravings for life, it’s time to change your taste in food. 

Many people have preconceived notions about food that originate from their childhoods. For example, you might have tried spinach when you were a kid and hated it. Even though you haven’t tasted spinach in more than 20 years, you may assume you still detest this colorful, healthful food. To succeed on a new diet plan, you must keep an open mind about food. Don’t assume you won’t like something before you eat it for the first time in several years, or ever.

If you always gravitate toward calorie, sodium, fat, and sugar laden processed foods at the grocery store, start shopping in the peripheral sections of your supermarket. These areas are where the fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products are typically located at. Experiment preparing foods at home you’ve never purchased before. You might actually discover that healthy options such as sweet potatoes, asparagus, cantaloupe, and salmon taste as delicious, if not more tasty, than a beloved brand of potato chips, sugary cereal, or ice-cream.

If you don’t like a certain type of food the first time you cook it, consider giving it another chance. Simply prepare it a different way. For example, you might discover that while you don’t like the taste of baked tilapia, you adore this fish when you grill it. Also, give your taste buds an opportunity to adjust to a new, healthier way of eating. With some patience and determination, you can transform both your mealtimes and your waistline.


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