Food Truck Chefs Are Changing with the Times

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In times past, food trucks were best known for their unhealthy yet tasty foods and treats. While grabbing a bit to eat from a food truck was a cheap time saver, it also offered little or no nutritional value as the foods was packed with empty calories.

However, times have changed and while some food trucks still dole out unhealthy meals and snacks, many offer healthy, low fat foods for weight and health conscious individuals who want to eat right but don't have time to cook all their own meals. Some trucks will even post the nutritional information for their dishes on the truck so you can see what nutrients you are and are not getting with every single order.

Additionally, there are many healthy food truck options to pick from, making it possible for you to enjoy the healthy foods of your choice without having to cook it yourself. Options include Indian food, Thai food, pita pockets, salads, organic hot dogs, vegetarian dishes and vegan dishes. F or those who are looking for a snack rather than a meal, there are a number of food trucks that sell healthy smoothies made from fresh fruit.

If you want to stick to a healthy meal plan, look for food trucks that primarily serve lean meats and plenty of vegetables. Even so, don't discount food trucks that don't exactly fit into this criterion, as some trucks are willing to modify orders on request. While you will still need to be mindful of what you eat and how much you eat if you want to lose weight, food truck meals and snacks can be a great addition to any healthy diet plan if you don't have the time, ability or inclination to eat homemade meals all the time.


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