Lose Weight with Three Hikes Per Week

Couple Hiking in Woods

Hiking is a great alternative to your average walk for several reasons. Many people choose daily walks out of convenience, but this can quickly become boring. If you’re looking for a change here are some great reasons that three weekly hikes might be a better way to go.

1) It’s A Better Workout

Most people will walk or jog around a park, or around their neighborhood on a flat sidewalk. As a result, there are far fewer muscle groups worked than if you are hiking up uneven surfaces. Not only will muscles in your feet and your legs get more of a challenge, but your back and core will have to work in new ways as you balance. Hiking will tone your physique much quicker than a daily walk.

2) It’s A Change of Pace

Walking or jogging merely takes you from point A to point B. In a hike there is a much more varied route. Part of it may be steeper, and another part more level, bringing you a nice mix between challenges and rests.

3) It Reduces Stress

As you hike there so many things to observe and enjoy along the way. Some hikes have beautiful nature to appreciate along the way; others have the payoff of an amazing view as you survey how far you’ve come! Getting your mind on the scenery, your pumping limbs, and the fresh air will clear your head and relieve any built-up tension from the week.

Start small, then build on the length and intensity of the hike as you feel comfortable. Three hikes per week will get your body moving, challenge your muscles, cleanse your lungs, and refresh your mind. It’s one of the most adventurous ways to take control of your weight and claim your health!


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