Pick Easy to Prepare Dinner Dishes

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Dinner is sometimes the hardest meal to plan when you're trying to lose weight. The traditional meal of meat, potatoes and a vegetable isn't going to cut it for weight loss. You need to shift your plate to be heavier on veggies and lighter on the other two components. There are several strategies that can help.

A nice hot soup that is primarily broth and vegetables is a great way to add to the meal without adding a lot of calories. Eating the soup first also tends to help you feel full more quickly. Chicken broth with the addition of onions, carrots and celery is quick and easy. It's also easy to vary seasonings – add a bit of cayenne pepper and some diced tomatoes for a Mexican version, or leave out the pepper and stir in some oregano and basil for an Italian version of chicken soup.

Even if you want to stick to the traditional meat and potatoes with a veggie sort of meal, it's easy to make it healthier and decrease the calories. Choose a protein that can be grilled – ground meat, a pork chop, a chicken breast or a fish like salmon or tilapia. Grill some vegetables right along with the meat and baste with the same marinade or spices. Fix a colorful salad. When you serve your plate, make at least half of it veggies and salad.

Some recipes should have "easy" in the title. Pretty much anything you cook in a slow cooker is a good example. Slow cookers also make it easy to take a little extra time to fix a nice salad, perhaps with homemade dressing. A stir fry takes a few minutes of advanced prep, but comes together easily, while a rice cooker takes the hassle out of that part of the meal. Check out the MRC cookbook and online Metabolic Research Center recipes for more ideas.



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