Why Did My Diet Fail?

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A long-term study conducted by researchers at UCLA showed that most diets are not successful in helping people lose weight and keep it off. The researchers found that most people gained the weight back they lost initially in their diets plus more. Here are three big reasons why diets fail.

Your menu plan was bad

You’ve probably heard that starving yourself by skipping meals is one of the worst ways to lose weight. However, even if you eat three or four meals a day that don’t contain a proper nutritional balance, your diet isn’t likely to work. Your body will inform you that you are lacking certain nutrients by forcing you to crave foods the body recalls containing those missing nutrients in abundance. As many diets force you to go fat or carbohydrate negative, you’re likely to crave foods heavy on both. You may have the strongest willpower around, but you’ll give in eventually.

You should chose a balanced diet containing lean, high-protein foods with whole grains and fiber. You will also want to make sure you have servings of fruits and vegetables with the right kind of sugars (complex carbohydrates) and unsaturated fats.

You didn’t exercise

Simply “cutting back” or trying the latest fad diet won’t be enough to make you lose weight. You need to incorporate some form of daily physical activity to make your diet work. Food is simply an energy source when you strip away the meaning we often attach to it. We eat more of that energy source than the body can use immediately, it has to store it in the form of fat deposits. You need to stay active to force the body to use that stored energy, burning off fat. The UCLA study showed that exercise was the most important factor in weight loss.

You got caught in the stress loop

When we have a bad day, when we are stretched thin by unexpected circumstances, we are vulnerable to losing discipline. For dieters, this can mean taking a dietary short cut, like eating fast food or skipping out on physical activity. This is not a terrible thing; a good diet plan should be able to withstand a day when we don’t adhere to it strictly. Yet, we can beat ourselves up for messing up, which causes more stress in turn. If this goes on we create a damaging loop that may cause us to quit the diet altogether.

We are imperfect so we are likely to make an error, especially when it comes to maintaining a diet plan. It is important that we don’t allow a negative event to create negative thinking and to continue to believe we can meet our weight loss goals.


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