Weight Loss and Protecting Your Health

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Stored fat impacts our body in many ways and one of those ways is that it puts extra pressure on our heart. A role of fat is not just a role of fat, it is also comprised of a network of cells, blood vessels and other tissue. All of those cells need tending too and that thankless job belongs to your red blood cells. That means that your heart has to push more fluid — blood — through an even larger network of blood vessels. That extra work causes strain on your heart and at some point heart disease such as congestive heart failure begins. In this heart-smart blog, we talk about why losing weight helps keep your ticker ticking.

How is your Car and your Heart Related?

Cars have engines, they are what make your care go. Your body's heart is much like the engine in your car. Engines are designed to spend most of their time driving at the speed limit. If the speed limit is 70 MPH and you drive your car at 90 MPH the internal parts of your engine wear out quicker than if you just drove at 70 MPH. The same is true of your heart. If you carry extra body fat, your heart is running at 90 MPH instead of 70 MPH and it wears out faster. This is why losing even a little body fat is good for your heart. Every pound you lose drops the speed at which you are driving your heart.

Losing weight is well worth the effort

Losing weight for many people is not easy. That is why the Metabolic Research Center developed smart menus, a library of resources, and a support system to help their clients succeed in losing weight. Nobody wants to wreck their heart. Stop by the Metabolic Research Center and discover how easy losing weight can be and in the process you can find foods that taste good and also help you drop that extra fat.


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