Meal Prep Tips - Part One

Yogurt Breakfast

We're sharing our top meal prep tips to keep you on track during your weight loss journey. We recommend taking time each Sunday night to go grocery shopping and prepare for the week ahead, but choose whatever day works best for you.


Just like with anything else in life, organizing things in advance helps free up time and energy so you can focus on other areas of your life. Preparing your meals ahead of time is a win-win for your body and your budget.




Grab and go options for those who are on the go are a must. We really like to make a batch of these breakfast casserole muffins for the week ahead. These will keep well in the refrigerator for up to four days.


Here are some other great breakfast options

  • Make some homemade granola to mix in with greek yogurt and a handful of berries.

  • Prep overnight oats in mason jars for the week ahead. We enjoy looking on Pinterest for new recipes to try each week.




Snacks are often overlooked during the meal prep process, but we know that they are so important to keep your metabolism up throughout the day. Wash, peel and chop carrots, celery, mushrooms, zucchini - these are great snacks to have on hand.


Portion out a handful of small zip top baggies with your favorite trail mix blend. It's easy to snack on too much of a good thing, so divvy up your portions. We love almonds, cashews, dried cherries and unsweetened coconut.


Stay tuned for part two where we will discuss our top meal prep tips for lunch and dinner.


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