Food Choices Need to Make Sense

Balanced Plate for a Balanced Diet

Ever really thought about food?  There is a lot to think about on the subject, and really examining one's personal views on food, and then plugging those views into what the country thinks about it, much less the world, is a difficult and really complex thing. 

Comfort food, for instance, is a very personal thing.  It means very different things for different people, finding kimchi or collards on a person's comfort food list may be a shock to someone with chicken and dumplings on their list.  Age, upbringing, ethnicity, geographical region, socio-economic status, and even gender impacts what each person would consider comfort food, and that is just one concept that is common. 

Figuring out what healthy food is for one's self, and making that happen consistently and on a daily basis is equally as complex, especially for the novice.  A nutrition expert can hand over a choose-my-plate diagram (the updated food pyramid from the USDA) and give recommendations of more vegetables, more fruits, and more whole grains.  This means very little to most of the average food consumers out there, as fruits and vegetables are not just foreign substances, but unpalatable to many.  And most people's sum dealings with whole grains involve wheat bread and cereal, at best. 

Even the trend to reducing preservatives and processed foods has taken its own generalizations too far, and healthier but more convenient choices are being passed over for fattier and more carb heavy “natural” choices. 

What it all boils down to for someone who is really trying to live healthier, is that choices need to be made that make sense, that are carefully considered, and done in an educated way, with their own personal needs, lifestyle, and cooking skill taken into account.  Labels need to be read carefully, and changes need to be made in a way that can be sustained.  Expecting a burger fanatic to switch to a broccoli salad is just not realistic.  Weight loss begins by simply trimming a few hundred calories off of a diet per day.  


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