Blended Foods Are Great for Healthy Eating

Pouring a Green Veggie Smoothie

Smoothies have become even more popular in the last decade, for the simple reason that people are trying to get away from soda.  Most people don't have any idea why smoothies are healthier, except that it adds fruits and veggies to their diet.  Smoothies are part of the living-food movement, which is designed to add raw fruits and vegetables to the diet.  A close relative to smoothies, blended soups take smoothie concepts and make them entree-worthy, and without cooking.

Blended foods are marvelously customizable.  They can be used to hide foods that one wants in their diet but don't generally like to eat.  They can be made to comply with most medical diets, and to fit with people's food allergies.  They can be used to lose or gain weight.

Losing weight with blended foods is a matter of replacing processed foods with the blended foods.  This can mean replacing meals or snacks.  Blended foods are often much less caloric than their processed counterparts, but offer much better nutrition.  Interestingly, processed foods may provide all of the calories of a meal, but leave the diner malnourished, which encourages overeating, and can drive compulsive or thoughtless eating.  Blended foods, when done correctly, offer a wide range of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, enzymes,  proteins, and fiber, on top of whatever calorie content is desired.  This means that there is no malnourishment, and the feeling of satiety comes much sooner, and lasts longer, than that fast-food value meal is likely to provide. 

On the other hand, the ability to sit down and eat a pound of raw kale doesn't come easily to most people, unless they are drinking smoothies or eating blended soups.  With the addition of plant fat sources like nuts or avocado, more calories and more nutrition of many forms can be added, contributing to weight gain for individuals who have difficulty in that arena.


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