A Habit or a Choice.. Which One Was It?

Woman with Thumbs Down to Food Choice

Lifestyle is an interesting thing.  It is made up of what was originally a choice but somehow became a habit. At one time, the "stop at the fast-food drive through to quickly eat on the way to somewhere else" was simply a decision made to conveniently fill the stomach. But somewhere along the way, that decision became a habit and very likely a bad one.

A lifestyle change is not really one change, but requires many changes some small and some large.  Often the small changes are harder to identify and the larger ones harder to make.  Of course everyone would like to have a magic wand that would instantly allow them to be healthier and more fit.  Although it may be a big change to make, it can be an easy choice to make intellectually. And the real changes — the long term changes, the ones that really stick — are always a result of a careful self-examination and self-analysis.

A thorough review of the end result that came from the first fast-food wrapper, and self analysis of your reasons why, can get you pointed in the right direction.  This self-proclaimed foodie author asked herself a startling question.  "Why do I eat this... EVER?"  It is not good for me and never has been. Almost nothing that comes out of those paper wrappers or cardboard boxes is really tasty.  It doesn't have the flavor or texture of real food, isn't well seasoned and very likely over-salted, and has been leached of nutrients. 

So why has billions of bad food products been served? It is cheap, it is convenient, and it is served hot, crisp, and salty. It fits into our busy lifestyle, filling the void when one would otherwise go hungry.  And it's become not just habitual, but culturally habitual, which is far more dangerous to our nation's health and wellness.

Habits are tough to break, even with the realization that the food doesn't really taste good and isn't good for you.  It isn't logical to eat food that isn't good, but it happens all the time, in fact, every few seconds nationwide.  However, if you self examine carefully and are honest about how each little habit impacts your life, it'll make the process of lifestyle change much easier.


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