Take Full Advantage of the Afterburn Effect

Afterburn Effect of Lifting Weights

You’ve probably heard about the afterburn effect. Simply put, it refers to the number of calories that are burned by the body post workout. After your work out, particularly if you do a high-intensity workout, the body continues to burn calories to aid in muscle recovery, cooling down, and other changes in the body. Scientifically, this is called “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.”

How can you take advantage of the afterburn effect to burn more calories and achieve your weight loss goals? Here are a few tips.

All Workouts Won’t Create the Afterburn

It’s important to understand that all workouts are not created equal, and they don’t all give you that afterburn effect. Any type of exercise is great for your health, but all exercises don’t provide the same results. If you want to enjoy the post-workout calorie burn, you need to engage in high intensity workouts, such as interval training or resistance training. These types of workouts increase your heart rate to the level needed to help you get that afterburn.

Multiple Muscle Groups and Intensity

One of the best way to take advantage of the afterburn effect is to pump up the intensity of your workouts. However, doing exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time can also boost that post-workout calorie burn. Compound and dynamic moves require you to exert more, boosting the afterburn.

How Long Does the Afterburn Effect Last?

What does research say about the afterburn effect? Studies show that after vigorous exercise, people burned about 190 extra calories, even while at rest, throughout the day. The increase in calorie burn lasted over 14 hours, even when individuals were sleeping. When you’re working to lose weight, extra calorie burn adds up. Start taking advantage of the afterburn effect and you’ll seriously fuel your weight loss efforts, making it easier to achieve your goals.


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