Is Vigorous Exercise Necessary for Losing Weight?

Woman Running a Marathon

The “No pain, on gain” concept doesn’t always work the way you may think when you’re working hard to lose weight. Of course, it really is true that you must burn more calories than you take in if you are going to lose weight. Unfortunately, when you work out, you may not be burning quite as many calories as you think. It is very common for people to go the “no pain, no gain” route, working hard and working out for several days, only to realize that they have not lost any weight. In some cases, people even find that they gain weight. So, is vigorous exercise really necessary for losing weight?

It’s important to know some basics of working out. The average 150 pound person needs to run at a 10 minute mile pace for 45 minutes in order to burn 500 calories. It takes 50 minutes of touch football, an hour of tennis, 90 minutes of working in a garden, or two hours bowling in order to burn 500 calories.

Are you getting frustrated with working out vigorously with no results? You may have found that it’s not as easy as you thought to burn the calories you need to in order to lose weight. The “no pain, no gain” concept may not be working for you. In this case, it’s a great idea to consult with a professional weight loss specialist. Exercise is an important part of losing weight, but it’s not the only part.

Consultants at the Metabolic Research Center can come up with a total weight loss program that fits your unique needs, including a great meal plan, great exercises, and supplements that help you achieve your goals.


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My relationship with Metabolic Research center began Feb 2010 when I weighed 182 lbs and had high blood pressure. I lost a total of 69 lbs and 72 inches. It has been 6 years and I continue to maintain my weight. I owe my continued success to MRC and all the great classes, especially yoga and the continued support that I receive from the staff. I have learned that food is nothing but fuel for the body and just as with your car you need to give it the right fuel in order for it to run proper. Follow the program and it is possible to loose the weight and maintain it. Nothing tastes as great as healthy feels!


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