Never Skip Meals as a Weight Loss Strategy

Planning for a Nutritious Day

Two days ago, you started dieting in order to drop a few pounds before summer. Tonight, you’re required to attend a bridal shower for your best friend. Because you want to eat some of your favorite hors d’oeuvres at tonight’s event, you decide to skip breakfast and lunch. If you can relate to this situation, you’re not alone. Many people skip meals every day in an attempt to shed unwanted weight. Sadly, this misguided strategy is fraught with errors. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, you need to eat healthy, balanced meals whenever hunger pangs strike.

In a desperate effort to lose weight, many people turn to fad diets. While not intending to cause this behavior, some of these trendy plans actually promote meal skipping. For instance, the rules of some diets permit you to only accumulate a certain amount of food points each day. All the different types of foods are assigned point values. If you use up all of your points at breakfast and lunch, you feel eating dinner will negatively affect your weight loss goals. You might also be tempted to save all of your points for a special meal like the aforementioned bridal shower example.

Skipping meals wreaks havoc on your body. Your blood sugar levels plummet leaving you feeling tired and lethargic. Because your metabolism also drops, your ability to burn calories is compromised. Prohibiting yourself from eating for long durations can also prevent you from concentrating clearly and dampen your mood. Whenever you finally allow yourself to eat again, you’ll be more likely to splurge on calorie, fat, and sugar laden foods. To prevent sabotaging your weight loss efforts, strive to eat three, healthy meals each day. If you need help creating a healthy eating plan, consider scheduling a free appointment with a consultant at the Metabolic Research Center today.


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