Are You a Microwave Chef?

Female Microwave Chef

You might be reluctant to cook foods in the microwave, if you have heard that this kind of preparation can deplete your vegetables of nutrients. However, the loss of nutrients depends on the cooking process.

How to Retain Nutrients from Microwave Vegetables

Speaking of vegetables in particular, steaming usually is one of the best options. This technique requires little water to waste and helps you retain most of this food’s nutritional benefits. You also can make the most of your veggies by making a soup out of them. Eating vegetables in a soup form, in fact, is probably the top way to enjoy your produce without losing any of the value they can offer your body.

When using the microwave, however, you are advised to cook the food on as low of a temperature as possible. Furthermore, do not heat them for longer than necessary and perhaps cooking them after thawing them is best if they are frozen. It also is wise to keep a lid on them when cooking, and be careful when using butter or oil that could burn to the bottom of the dish during the heating process.

Microwave Cooking Tips

You also might be wondering how to have that browned texture on microwave foods. This sometimes is only possible when you lightly sear your vegetables in a frying pan beforehand. Use these tips to make your cooked produce more attractive:

  • Pour melted cheese over your cooked veggies.
  • Coat them with steak or teriyaki or BBQ sauce.
  • Marinade your veggies before you cook them.
  • Add a turntable to your microwave if it does not have one.

If the visual appeal of your microwave vegetables is still a concern, you also could purchase a special brown-and-sear pan meant for microwave cooking.


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