Sneaky Sources of Your Sugar Cravings

Cause of Sugar Cravings

If you're on a weight loss mission, sugar cravings can be your nemesis, seemingly showing up out of nowhere. And boy, can they be unrelenting. So how do you battle them? By understanding what might be causing them, say nutritionist with Metabolic Research Center.

Here are three of the most common culprits…

  1. A protein deficiency: Not getting enough protein in your daily diet can stimulate your cerebral chemicals to jump start your appetite - even if your body isn’t truly hungry. Also, protein is critical to balancing blood sugar, thereby reducing the risk of a low blood sugar-induced binge. Make sure your daily diet includes lean protein servings.
  2. Stress: If your sugar cravings seem particularly aggressive, it could be your body's way of telling you your blood sugar is low - and that can be a direct result of stress. In such cases, the temptation to down a sugar-laden treat can be tough to fight. Before you give in, take a brisk walk instead. It's a great way to quickly curb a craving.
  3. Hormones: Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can spark feelings of happiness and balance. When your serotonin levels are out of whack, you're more likely to experience depression. And when those depressed feeling hit, so too do your sugar and carb cravings. Keep your happy hormones in check with plenty of exercise, rest and laughter.

Other tips for controlling your sugar cravings include eating smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day and occasionally giving in sensibly to those cravings. Rather than that vat of ice cream, opt instead for a bite of dark chocolate.

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