How to Deal with Sagging Skin after Weight Loss

Woman Pointing to Excess Arm Skin

So, you've lost the weight and you can finally complete that 10k or easily slide into the size you wore in college. Everyone dreams of what it will feel like once his or her goal weight is reached. What most of us don't predict is the frustration that can continue to haunt you after those extra lbs are gone. The culprit... Loose skin. Excess skin may not only be hard to look at, this circumstance of major weight loss can actually be a harbinger of other health problems like rashes and infections. Below are some options for dealing with loose skin.

Your skin has elastic properties, meaning that it has the ability to stretch back and forth. However, depending on how much weight you lost, how fast you lost it, how many times you've lost weight and gained it back and what age you were, the skin will slowly lose its elasticity. Strength training helps add muscle to the body. Muscles can plump the skin and a regular routine can help to restore a more natural look and feel.

For some, plastic surgery is the best choice for dealing with excess skin. This is not true for everyone. While certain successful weight-losers can afford to have a tummy tuck of total body life, others simply cannot. Even if it wasn't dreadfully expensive, cosmetic surgery comes with its share of complications and risks.

The best answer, however, is often a multi-faceted solution. First, give yourself credit for your incredible weight loss, taking time to notice and embrace the changes your body has gone through. Buy clothing that helps you feel more confident about who you are and how your body looks. It also helps to spend time with people who accept you as you are and always offer encouraging words.

Around the world people who lose a lot of weight fight the battle of extra skin. The key is to keep your head up and think about all the new and amazing things your smaller body can do. At the Metabolic Research Center, we've been helping clients look to the positives for more than 25 years. To learn more, contact or stop by the location nearest you.


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