Don't Let Your Imagination Interfere With Weight Loss

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Your thoughts play a huge role in how your body responds to certain events. When you imagine certain events or milestones, your body can physically respond to them through the release of adrenaline and cortisol. The more excited you get, the more chemicals that are released. If the body does not use up the excess and the energy is not utilized, the body begins to adapt by becoming hungry and storing the extra calories as fat.

When you experience stress or depression, your body can react in a variety of ways. If the body feels as if it is being starved, it may lower metabolism and slow down many of the body's functions in an attempt to save calories. This means that excess calories are stored as fat in case there is no food to be found. This is part of the reason many crash diets don't work. The body is tricked into thinking that food is scarce. The diminished number of calories is not enough for the body to function efficiently, so it slows down to compensate for the decrease.

People who exercise regularly tend to be happier than those who don't. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain that naturally improve a person's mood and allow them to think more clearly. Having a good imagination also helps to improve a person's mood and is also an effective way to release mental stress that accumulates throughout the day. Guided imagery can relieve stress and allow a person to focus on important issues. Dealing with less stress means less risk of consuming comfort foods in an attempt to feel better. Thoughts take form and healthier thinking patterns lead to a healthier body.


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