Sorbet With Less Regret When Craving An Icy Treat

Fresh Raspberry Sorbet

Baby steps are a good way for many people to institute long-term changes in their diet and exercise regimes.  Small changes (little psychological tricks) can really help you make changes that in the past, were much more difficult because they were in effect, punishing you alongside implementing the change. 

Completely denying oneself of the foods one loves is not the recipe for success.  Instead, the unhealthy foods simply need to either be altered so as to be healthier, their portions reduced, or re-classified as a treat as opposed to a regular for your diet.  Pizza being one of the most famous (or infamous) favorite foods can be changed into something a bit healthier just by adding whole wheat flour to the crust, using reduced fat cheeses, and adding more vegetables. 

Adding fiber can change something that is relatively empty of nutritional value due to the carbohydrate and fat load, as compared to its vitamin and protein content, to something that is much improved.  Whole wheat flat-breads topped with a lacework of reduced fat cheese and fresh vegetables is a different ballpark calorie wise when compared to a Chicago-style meat lovers slice.  Your flatbread has a lot less grease, bread dough, and salt than its thick crust counterpart, but it will help to satisfy your craving for pizza.  It also cooks in a lot less time, too.  In addition, the added fiber content will help you feel satisfied longer.

In the same vein, choosing a reduced fat ice cream or sugar free version (instead of a full-fat version) can really help cut your caloric intake.  Reducing the portion size, or choosing pre-packaged frozen yogurt bars to kill the craving for an icy treat, is a great option for implementing a change in diet. Contrary to some beliefs, sorbet is not a low-sugar option, but it can be a better option as it doesn't have the fat of the ice creams; and homemade versions can be made with fresh fruits. 


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