Fight Iodine Vitamin Deficiency with Functional Food

Iodized Box of Salt

Vitamin deficiencies are very common, and most are easily avoided by pursuing a balanced, healthy diet.  There are many types of vitamin deficiencies among humans, but seven are the most common.  Iron, iodine, vitamin D, calcium,  B12, vitamin A, and magnesium are the most common, and they are most often identified by their symptoms.  Iodine is necessary for the healthy function of the thyroid, which is where necessary hormones are made. 

Thyroid hormones influence growth, brain development, metabolism, and bone maintenance. They are involved in hormone pathways that impact the entire body. As much as one-third of the world suffers from iodine deficiency, which makes this the most common deficiency of the seven.  One of the most common ways this deficiency occurs is through goiter, or an enlarged thyroid gland, which appears as a lump on the front of the neck.  However, goiter alone can occur with iodine deficiency or through other means, so it does not always point to a lack of iodide.  Also present may be a racing heart, shortness of breath, and weight gain.  Severe deficiencies in children can cause mental retardation and decreased stature, and developmental problems.  In the United States and several other countries, most table salt is fortified with iodine to help avoid this lack.

Dietary sources other than fortified table salt include seaweed, fish, dairy products, and eggs.  Iodine is a substance of the soil and the sea. One gram of the seaweed kelp gives 4 to 10 times the US recommended daily allowance of iodine.  A six ounce serving of fish can give the entirety of the day's requirement.  One cup of yogurt gives about 50% of the RDA, and one egg gives about 16% of the RDA. 



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