Winter Squash--Discover Their Healthy Benefits

Baked Cubes of Winter Squash

One of the beautiful things about winter squash is the vast varieties in which they are available at most grocery stores. The varieties range from brightly colored pumpkins to the beige colored butternut squash to the squat, green kabocha squash which looks like an odd mutation between a pumpkin and an acorn squash. What Winter squash teaches that it's not what's on the outside that's important but what's on the inside. Let's explore this remarkable food source.

Full of Carotenoids

Winter squash are full of healthy benefits, including carotenoids - a rich source of antioxidants. if you're looking to boost your natural health and immunity then carotenoids are a great tool. Our body uses them to help reduce the risk of chronic disease and potentially even as a tool to fight off cancer.

Mega Dose of Dietary Fiber

In addition, winter squash is full of fiber. A 140-gram serving contains 3 g of dietary fiber it is equal to 11% of the FDA's recommended intake for fiber. Fiber plays many roles in human health. For example, dietary fiber helps to absorb fats and sugars before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Soluble fiber helps to absorb fats and sugars while they're in the bloodstream. So, in a roundabout way, fiber helps us lose weight and improve our health, especially when we are concerned about diseases such as high cholesterol and diabetes.

Good Source for Vitamin A & C

For anyone looking to increase their vitamin intake, winter squash is a rich sink for vitamins. For example, there is 298 percent of the FDA's daily recommendation for vitamin A in just 140 g of winter squash. Winter squash holds 49 percent of the FDA's recommended daily dosage of vitamin C. In addition, winter squash is a good source of calcium and iron at seven percent calcium and five percent iron of the FDA's daily recommendation.

At the Metabolic Research Center, we recognize the value of smart foods like winter squash. Part of our success in helping people lose weight and gain health comes from teaching our clients about smart foods. Weight loss does not have to be a difficult journey if you eat smart. Learn more by visiting us and exploring the comprehensive benefits we offer.


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