How to Eat Fruits and Vegetables.. for Haters!

fruit and vegetable juice

Not big on eating fruits and vegetables? A lot of people feel the same way but research studies say you should eat a couple of pieces of fruit as well as three to four vegetables each day. To ensure you're getting the full nutritional benefit of vitamins and minerals, these should be different in color. The nature of the outer skin and the color of the meat provide insight into which nutrients you are consuming. But, don't worry if that's of no interest, just make certain you consume a variety of nature's colors.

Aside from a salad, apple slices or carrot sticks, a juicer or blender may be needed to entice non-fruit and vegetable eaters. Juicers can be expensive, so if you already have a blender for frozen margaritas or milkshakes, it will work just fine. Once you've determined your favorite way to hide what you're eating, you may want to consider a more expensive appliance. Higher-priced juicers and food processors don't just extract the juice leaving the pulp behind, instead they are equipped to grind the core, rind and seeds to increase the amount of fiber you consume.

If you discover that a big glass of mixed fruits and vegetables is ideal for breakfast but you still need to add more to your daily diet, try blending fruits or vegetables into your entrees. Finely chopped squash adds flavor to spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce and no one will notice the difference. You can also add cauliflower to your potato mash or butternut squash to your macaroni-n-cheese. There are tons of creative recipes available and don't forget to check the MRC Kitchen for our client's favorites.

As a warning, some people really get hooked on a juice-diet and it can seem like the ideal way for losing weight. While it is true that eating a purely plant-based menu plan is linked to lower risks for heart disease and cancer, that comes from eating a balance diet of fruits and veggies as part of a well-designed menu plan. A pure fruit-juice diet can backfire as you may consume too many calories and not enough proteins. A lack of proteins can lead to a loss of muscle mass, so avoid the extreme.

If you have medical conditions, it is always advisable to speak with a physician as some fruits and vegetables can interfere with certain medications and conditions.


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